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Delivery and payment


Your order is prepared for delivery after 100% of the payment is made. You can pay online using the following types of payments:

  1. Bank Cards (Visa, Master Card, JCB)
  2. Bank virtual accounts (BRI, Mandiri, BNIm Paermata)
  3. Wallets (Dana, Shopee pay, OVO).
Delivery terms & conditions:
  • Free delivery to the provinces of the Java Island: Banten, DI Yogyakarta, DKI Jakarta*, West Jawa, Central Jawa.
  • The cost and delivery time depend on your location and numbers of cartons in the order. Below is a table showing the cost of delivery per carton and delivery time.
  • The calculation of the delivery cost is done automatically during the checkout process after you have provided your full address, including the postcode field.
  • Orders placed before 12 PM are shipped the following day (except Sunday and Holidays). If your order is placed on Saturday after 12 PM it will be prepared for shipment on Monday.
  • Delivery tracking number will be sent to your email box (provided email is filled in correctly). Additional notifications will be sent via email.
  • To deliver the order directly to your door, the courier service will contact you using the telephone number that you specified when placing the order.
  • Unfortunately we can’t make any amendments to the delivery address after the order is placed. Please put the correct address and personal details in your order
    Maximum 2 delivery attempts will be made in efforts to contact you before returning your order to the warehouse. Additional delivery attempt will be charged separately.
  • Exceptional circumstances (i.e. bad weather, courier delays, peak sale season) may result in longer delivery timeframes.
IslandProvinceDelivery cost per carton, IDRDelivery period
BaliBali*69 0006-8 days
JawaBantenfree6-8 days
JawaDI Yogyakartafree6-8 days
JawaDKI Jakarta*free4-6 days
JawaJawa Baratfree5-10 days
JawaJawa Tengahfree5-10 days
JawaJawa Timur55 0005-10 days
KalimantanKalimantan Barat245 0005-15 days
KalimantanKalimantan Selatan255 0005-15 days
KalimantanKalimantan Tengah275 0004-19 days
KalimantanKalimantan Timur390 0005-18 days
KalimantanKalimantan Utara390 0005-17 days
Kepulauan Bangka BelitungBangka Belitung140 0006-10 days
Kepulauan MalukuMaluku750 0004-15 days
Kepulauan MalukuMaluku Utara640 0004-15 days
Kepulauan Nusa TenggaraNusa Tenggara Barat195 0004-13 days
Kepulauan Nusa TenggaraNusa Tenggara Timur495 0005-18 days
Kepulauan RiauKepulauan Riau265 0005-18 days
PapuaPapua*795 0006-18 days
PapuaPapua Barat875 0005-12 days
SulawesiGorontalo295 0006-8 days
SulawesiSulawesi Barat275 0005-12 days
SulawesiSulawesi Selatan*250 0005-16 days
SulawesiSulawesi Tengah*350 0005-16 days
SulawesiSulawesi Tenggara380 0005-19 days
SulawesiSulawesi Utara350 0004-15 days
SumateraBengkulu150 0006-8 days
SumateraJambi185 0006-19 days
SumateraLampung120 0003-15 days
SumateraDaerah Istimewa Aceh*275 0004-14 days
SumateraRiau150 0005-18 days
SumateraSumatera Barat150 0004-14 days
SumateraSumatera Selatan120 0003-11 days
SumateraSumatera Utara*190 0004-18 days
*Remote cities within provinces are billed separately and displayed in the table below.
IslandProvinceCity (Kota/Kabupaten)Delivery cost per carton, IDRDelivery period
JawaDKI JakartaKepulauan Seribu275 0004-6 days
BaliBaliKlungkung175 0006-8 days
KalimantanKalimantan TimurBalikpapan195 0005-7 days
KalimantanKalimantan TimurKutai Timur490 0005-15 days
KalimantanKalimantan TimurSamarinda195 0005-7 days
Kepulauan RiauKepulauan RiauBatam135 0004-7 days
Kepulauan RiauKepulauan RiauTanjung Pinang135 0004-7 days
PapuaPapuaMamberamo Raya975 00010-13 days
PapuaPapuaMimika1 100 0005-12 days
SulawesiSulawesi SelatanMakassar135 0004-7 days
SulawesiSulawesi SelatanSelayar (Kepulauan Selayar)350 0005-7 days
SulawesiSulawesi SelatanTana Toraja350 0005-10 days
SulawesiSulawesi SelatanToraja Utara350 0005-10 days
SulawesiSulawesi TengahMorowali Utara445 0005-16 days
SumateraDaerah Istimewa AcehSimeulue395 0005-19 days
SumateraSumatera UtaraNias390 0005-18 days
SumateraSumatera UtaraNias Barat390 0005-18 days
SumateraSumatera UtaraNias Utara390 0005-18 days

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