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Making shopping easy breezy: Nino Nana Diapers Now Offer WhatsApp Orders

Nino Nana Diapers

Love buying Nino Nana in cartons? Certain sizes are sold out on marketplace, but not on our WhatApp Store. Get your tape diapers or pants cartons of any size  from NB to XXL in our WhatsApp Store.

PRICE: Enjoy the price $55.90 till June 8th. From 9th June onwards the price is $59.90 with an extra 15% on a second carton, if you buy 2.

Each carton comes with 3 packs of one size and three different designs, diapers or pants. 2-4 business day delivery is FREE. Next day delivery is $5 and available only for weekdays, for orders placed before 12.30 pm. 🚚

🫐Tape Diapers:

Tape Diapers NB (up to 4 kg) 186pcs

Tape Diapers S (4-6 kg) 156pcs

Tape Diapers M (6-10 kg) 132pcs

Tape Diapers L (9-13 kg) 120pcs


Pants Diapers M (6-11 kg) 126pcs

Pants Diapers L (9-14 kg) 114pcs

Pants Diapers XL (12-18 kg) 96pcs

Pants Diapers XXL (15-23 kg) 78pcs

Payment via PayNow.

📲 tel:+6588910988

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